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A Day To Think: How To Have More Creativity In Your Life

Too many times we get bogged down in the day to day. You start to find that you’re so busy answering emails and taking phone calls that you have no time to think. One of my favorite parts of my job is the creativity involved in implementing new strategies or ideas, but it is often challenging to do this given the whirlwind of work, family and friends. I find that taking one day to yourself, to detox from the daily grind and get back in a creative mindset can really help me to remember the joy I find in my work. Here’s some tips to get back to being creative...and yes, you can do this in one day.

Digital Detox

First things first, turn off your electronics. Nothing stops a creative process like seeing a notification for a new email, text message, or phone call. When I’m focusing on writing or completing a project plan, I like to turn my phone and emails to “do not disturb”. This keeps away the distractions and lets me focus on being creative. There’s also a lot of studies out there about how doing a digital detox can bring a lot of wellness back into your life. It can bring about improved memory, more efficient sleep, new perspectives, and deeper relationships. Take a break from being constantly connected and you’ll find yourself instantly refreshed.

Ask Questions

A major aspect of creativity is that ideas that you have are something you have pulled from your memory. So when you have that spark of an idea, it means it came from a piece of information from your memory that you used. When you’re trying to solve a problem, you ask questions. Creative people think of many different ways to solve problems, not just one. Think of how your friends might solve that problem, or how someone from a different culture might - this will help you cultivate different ways of thinking. In addition, as it relates to business, think about how a competitor or disruptor might address the situation. This can spark a new perspective that puts you in control rather than responding to others.

Do Something Different

Again, it’s so easy to get lost in the flowing river of day to day activity. Take a full stop to step away and let your mind pause, reset, take a look at how you’re navigating that river of activity. This will create new and better ways to approach being creative that you don’t have time to see when you’re paddling along! Do something different that will help you get back into a creative mindset. Go to an art class, pick up a new book, go see a foreign film, go to a museum, start doodling, find a new coffee shop to hang out in, go for a long walk or spend some time daydreaming. Do something new. A lot of times you can find creativity when you are in a different environment. Also, consider having a creative notebook handy to write down ideas and sparks as they occur. Since you never know when a good idea might hit you, having a way to capture this allows you to jot it down and not lose the information.

Taking a day to cultivate creativity is almost like hitting the reset button. Creativity is a skill to be mastered, and it’s important to take the time to help make it a part of your daily life. By stepping away from technology, asking questions, and doing different things, you’ll find yourself thinking in ways you may never have before. Do yourself a favor and take a day to think.

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