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4 Steps to Reaching Financial Zen

Finances have a stigma of being stressful. Discussing money never seems like an easy conversation. But by taking control of your finances the right way, you’ll find you can reach your financial zen and eliminate much of the stress associated. As an extremely busy working mom, I’ve found yoga to be my happy place. I started applying the principles of yoga to other aspects of my life and found that I’m a lot less stressed when I approach stressful situations with these techniques. One of my favorite yoga sayings is “The pose begins the minute you want to leave it”. The same goes when working through financial situations that can bring you stress. Here’s how you can reach your financial zen.

1. Balance

Yoga is a balance. Not only do you need actual balance to master your yoga poses, but you also need to balance your mind and your emotions to match your body. This is key in mastering your finances. Planning for your financial future is all about balance. Start by allocating money to secure protection. If your greatest asset is your ability to earn an income, then making sure that is secured is critical to being able to continue to save and grow your money in the event something unforeseen happens. Next, start to focus on savings. Think of achieving 50% of your gross annual income in a liquid savings account. Now you can start to put money aside for retirement and growth. And remember always to rebalance as needed to maintain the perfect position. It’s a combination of position, pace and power, and as in yoga, practice.

2. Breathe

Breathing techniques are one of the greatest things I have taken away from yoga. This helps you get through your poses both mentally and physically. You learn to just breathe through the hard stuff and suddenly things become a lot easier. This can work with your financial stress as well. Take a deep breath, just because you haven’t started or are not where you want to be doesn’t mean it’s too late. Breathe through the stress and start planning today. The sooner you begin, the easier it is.

3. Patience

Mastering a pose can mean you have to be patient with your body. When we take our time in poses to learn from our bodies and calm our minds, we can see dramatic improvements. This can take a lot of patience, just like handling your finances. Be patient with your financial plan. You won’t see success overnight. The better plans are the ones that work harder for you in the long term.

4. Practice

Yoga is a practice. The more you do it, the more you learn and evolve. Change doesn’t come overnight. It might take years to master a pose. The same goes with financial stress. The more you learn about your finances and what it means to be financially fit, the more your financial future will evolve. By being a in constant state of practice, you create a mindset around your you spend, protect, save and grow it.

By bringing yoga techniques into your everyday life, you’ll feel a lot less stressed when it’s time to approach the hard stuff. By applying these principles to your financial stresses, you’ll see yourself reaching financial zen in no time.

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