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Work Where You Win

A few weeks ago, I attended a meeting at a co-working space in downtown Manhattan. When I walked in, I was immediately struck with how amazing the space looked. There was open seating for those wishing to co-work with others. There were designated desks and office space available for those who needed a more permanent place to work and conference rooms filled with young tech savvy teams. The energy was palpable. In this day of mobility, agile work streams and collaboration, work is being redefined. Here are some tips on crafting a new way to work where productivity, flexibility and efficiency coincide:

  • Get mobile fast. The secret to working anywhere is being able to have accessibility to all your software, files and teammates at all times. Cloud based platforms such as Box, Dropbox and Google Drive allow you to carry all your files with you whether you are using a tablet or laptop. Since it is not hard to find wi-fi hotspots, you should have no difficulty getting what you need when you need it. This also helps you retain files in the event you lose or damage your computer or tablet. The trick here is to upload everything to these cloud platforms. If you save documents or work to your local drive, you may not have it when you need it. Or worst, you may lose your work if your hard drive crashes or gets held for ransom.

  • Leverage apps. Tablets and apps have shifted the reliance on software. Now apps like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Google Docs or Keynote are available for use on a variety of devices at a minimal cost. There is little I can’t do from my iPad Pro. With apps like these available, I can work on a plane, in a hotel, at a Starbucks or the soccer field. I can share files with my team and always know my work is secure and at my fingertips regardless of my physical location. Better yet, I can make use of small gaps in time that inevitably steal productivity from our day. I can edit a document while waiting for a doctor’s appointment. I can change a presentation from the train or I can pop on a quick web meeting with my colleagues from my car.

  • Note-taking made easy. I used to be one of those people who carried around a paper notebook to write notes throughout the day whether it was from a call, meeting, or even a random book recommendation. For all intents and purposes this practice seemed to be working except for the fact that inevitably the notebook would fill up and I would have to get a new one. (There is nothing more frustrating than needing a piece of information from an old notebook) I solved this problem by using apps like Evernote and Notability to take notes on my iPad Pro with my Apple Pencil. Now, my notes are with me, saved, tagged and readily available even from years past. Plus, the use of my tablet as my notebook freed up critical space in my work bag...a bonus!

  • Stay connected. Working remotely is great, but in order to feel close to my teammates, I like using Skype or FaceTime to have calls. If you are working with many people, consider using Zoom or Go to Meeting where you can share work and see everyone at the same time. This promotes a feeling of community and connectedness.

The key to working where you win not only includes making sure you are set up properly, but is also about having a culture that encourages this type of work. As we evolve our idea of work, it is important that we promote a cadence of accountability and transparency. This occurs best when common goals and objectives are strongly communicated within a company. When everyone is up to a higher mission, the work becomes passion and passion begets progress. Isn’t it time you find a place where you can work where you win?

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