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Making an Impact by Being of Service

As I think about the importance of this Memorial Day weekend, I am reminded that all of us have the ability to be of service in our lives. Just like our veterans and those servicemen who are serving our country today, we too can make a difference. By living a life of service through our professions, we can make an impact in the lives of our families, friends, communities and our country.

As a financial adviser, we have the privilege of altering the trajectory of people's lives. By helping parents make decisions about how they want to help provide an education for their children to guiding families through a wealth transfer discussion, we provide clarity to the confusing aspects of financial decision making. By being brave, we discuss the complicated issues around making sure families are protected in the event tragedy strikes. By being courageous, we sometimes have to have fierce conversations about being financially responsible. By being selfless, we continue to put others interest ahead of our own so they can reach their full potential.

As advisers, we are the catalyst to urge and prompt people to take conscious, responsible and meaningful action. We stand firm in our commitment to guide people — because we represent those whom our clients care about most, the people they love, and for whom they have a responsibility. Helping clients in this way is not just the pursuit of a business goal but is a social obligation - it is a great example of what being of service really means.

When clients make the decision to examine their financial well being with an adviser, those clients begin to see immediately how they can be of greater service to themselves, their family, their loved ones and even their communities; making decisions that can impact them powerfully and perhaps generationally. By using Leap to help our clients secure their futures, we are making sure that their financial plan will work under any set of circumstances. We help them build their own foundation upon which they can build the rest of their family’s lives. Having secured themselves to a solid bedrock, clients can build and live into their futures, their minds at ease knowing that they can withstand any unforeseen storm or changes. We try our hardest to eliminate as many wealth eroding factors as possible so that their money will grow and work more effectively and efficiently for them now, while also providing the safety of shelter for the time to come. We take on the responsibility to protect our clients children, families, jobs and their accomplishments, as we help them live now and into the future. As a Leap adviser, we have the ability to provide peace of mind, confidence and security that is a catalyst for people to own their financial journey. Bravery, courage, selflessness….that is what it truly means to be of service.

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