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Attending Another Conference? Make The Most Of It

Conferences are a great way to make connections, learn new things, and even have some fun along the way. But, year after year, it can seem like we attend many different conferences and forget to make the most out of each one. Here are some tips to get maximum value from every conference you attend:

Take advantage of face time. While attending a conference gives you an opportunity to learn about new ideas, there is also an opportunity to meet face to face with new and old acquaintances. Setting meetings in advance gives you a secured time to meet, rather than taking a chance you won’t connect when you actually get there.

Put what you learn to action. There is a plethora of content at most conferences that seem exciting at the time, but are forgotten thereafter. When taking notes, end each session by listing 3 lessons learned and 3 follow up actions you plan to implement.

Don’t multi-task during the sessions. Everyone is busy! While it may seem like a good idea to multi-task during the sessions, you could end up missing the one thing you need to hear most. Since you have taken the time to attend the conference, make the most of it while you are there by listening and devoting 100% of your attention to the presenters.

Stay in touch. After you return from the conference, take all those business cards you gathered and send them a follow-up invitation to connect through LinkedIn and Twitter. In addition, send them a personal email, note or message letting them know you enjoyed having an opportunity to meet them.

Spread the word. Don’t keep all you learned to yourself. Share the ideas and insights you gained with co-workers, colleagues and friends. Don’t be shy! Use social media to let people in your circle know you went to a great event and don’t forget to share something you learned.

Don’t let these great opportunities slip away while you’re at your next conference. You may be surprised at how much value you can gain.


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