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How Do The Olympics Help You Win The Financial Game?

Like most Americans, I excitedly await for years when the Olympics come back around. This year’s Olympic Games in Rio did not disappoint. We watched arguably the greatest Olympic athletes compete on the world’s biggest stage. Michael Phelps wowed everyone at his 5th olympics, proving he is still the greatest swimmer in the world. Simone Biles proved that although tiny, she has more power in those incredible flips and twists than any gymnast to ever compete in the games. Usain Bolt came back and we all wondered how he makes being the fastest man alive look so easy. As I watched in awe as these athletes wowed once again, I couldn’t help but think of the preparation, focus, and dedication they put into getting to the Olympics. So, what can we learn from these incredible athletes when we’re trying to reach financial success in our lives?

Preparation – Olympic athletes prepare for years in order to compete for the gold. Winning does not just happen overnight. They have an entire team of people around them, helping them to hone their skills in order to compete at the highest level. Most olympians say they would not be where they are today without their amazing coaches. Their coaches look at everything, not just their training. They look at what they are eating, how much they are sleeping, what vitamins they are taking, and their entire lifestyle. Like olympians, you won’t reach the success you want without the right person leading the way and looking at your whole financial picture. Having that professional who is an expert in their field behind you, that’s how you will discover the financial success you’ve been looking for.

Focus – Focus is a major part in mastering any skill. Olympians are always focused on what they need to do in order to win that prized gold medal. The pressure on them is immense, and it’s extremely important that they stay focused on the task at hand. Like planning for your financial future, many people feel as though they are continuously running, trying to move forward, but going nowhere. They are not focused on the bigger picture when making financial decisions. Making decisions at different times, with different people, and under different circumstances is not being focused on your financial health. Take a more holistic approach to focusing on your finances, look at the bigger picture just like the Olympians do.

Dedication – As an Olympic athlete, it is paramount that they are dedicated to their sport. They think, eat, sleep, and do everything in their power to become better. They are dedicated to becoming the best in the world. When you’re looking to plan your financial future, it is important to find an adviser who is dedicated to their field, much like these olympic athletes. Financial advisers should strive to be the best, continuing their education and keeping up with our changing industry.

Olympians use the best tools in the world to train them to become the best in the world. When you’re working towards your financial future, shouldn’t you be doing the same? When you use Leap to approach your financial decision making, you’ll feel like you’re winning olympic gold.

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