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Technology And The Financial Adviser

In today’s digital age, everything is instantaneous. When you’ve become accustomed to getting information with the simple click of a button, you may ask yourself “is sitting down with a professional really necessary”? The answer is yes. As Warren Buffet once said, “Never invest in a business you cannot understand.” Even with the best of financial technology, having a foundation of education and understanding is vital in order to feel secure in using technology to guide your financial decisions. This need for understanding coupled with the ever changing economic and regulatory environment further exacerbates the need for some human interaction. Think of WebMD. I can research symptoms of any kind, but at the end of the day, I still want to talk to my personal physician before taking any action.

This lack of education and understanding is very often what prevents people from actually using financial technology to its fullest use. A financial professional can look at your financial situation and customize recommendations specific to you. They have the ability to understand the big picture and to adjust advice so that you make progress towards achieving your maximum financial potential. There is also an element of being able to understand human behavior and the importance emotion has to play in making these complex financial decisions. Even with the best technology, there is still a gap in this critical area, which reinforces the need for human interaction.

If you do want to use a robo-adviser or some other form of financial technology to help you get started, you need to make sure it provides you advice in all areas related to your financial situation. Otherwise, you could make decisions that have a negative impact to your overall results. For example, many robo-adviser platforms only provide advice related to investments, retirement and education planning, There often is a gap in advice being given related to protection, debt management and savings. Making a decision in a vacuum may result in lost wealth, opportunity and benefits. Technology should connect advisers with their clients, making communication flow more easily, not more confusing. So, if all of these areas are important, don’t you deserve to have a platform and an adviser that can help you develop a strategy addressing Protection, Savings, Growth, Cash Flow and Debt simultaneously?

To feel comfortable in taking meaningful action towards financial success, you must have advice that is common sense oriented, based on economic principles and that is easy to understand and implement. By using Leap, advisers can be in constant collaboration with their clients. With Leap’s interactive software, you get a full scope analysis of your entire financial picture, which empowers you to make smart decisions that are right for you and your loved ones. If you aren’t working with this type of adviser, perhaps it’s time for a change. Financial decisions should be sane, sound and simple….Leap.


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