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Are You An Influencer

Becoming an influencer isn’t as hard as you might think. By starting with a powerful online presence you can properly position your brand by sharing and creating content that impacts others. Here are some really easy ways to get started:

Post the right content

It’s important to know your audience. Start with identifying what is meaningful to your followers and match your content to them. Some of the best places to find content are news sites that you frequent everyday such as Forbes and Business Insider. Look for content that provides simple but impactful messaging. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Using humor and storytelling can provide a feeling of familiarity which enhances trust.

Join relevant conversations

Without reach, your creative writing won’t do anyone any good. Find and join conversations that you commonly see your audience asking about. Look for groups to join on LinkedIn or Google+. Observe what others are saying to see if you want to reinforce their message or provide a different perspective.

Invite people to connect with you and share content

By sharing content and connecting with people, it shows that you really care about your audience. When you establish yourself as a thought-leader, or influencer in your industry, people find you easier to trust. Find people you know that will benefit from the content you are posting. The more you engage, the more you will get.

Write your own content

Use your experiences as creative prompts for writing a blog or posting video messages. Answer common questions or give your opinion on a hot topic in your industry. When you post frequently, people will pass your content onto others who have similar questions, helping you to gain a wider reach.

Being an influencer starts with YOU! What impact do you want to make?


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