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Are You A Social Media Novice?

Do you feel you can’t keep up with all the social media options? If you’re not familiar with social media, it can seem very overwhelming. Don’t stress yourself out! You don’t have to be on all of them, but you should be on those that give you maximum results. With the capability to connect with the entire world, social media has changed the way that we do business. By taking ownership of your brand, creating the right strategy and managing your social media efforts, you can create a platform to fit your needs. Below are some small, easy steps that you can implement immediately.

Tips & Strategies:

  • Start small. Focus on one platform at a time until you are ready to expand. Trying to do it all too quickly may create frustration and inconsistency.

  • Maximize social media through a linked strategy. Once you are using multiple social media platforms, you can leverage content between them. If you have a blog you can share posts to drive traffic through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also reuse a blog several times by altering the posts that drive the reader back. This provides multiple touch points without having to constantly create new content.

  • Mix it up. Vary your content by not only creating original content, but also curating content from others. If you are not connecting with other advisors through your social media, you should consider doing so. You can frequently repurpose content someone else has posted at a future date.

  • Be consistent with your posting. If you only post sporadically, you will not penetrate your audience as much as you would like. Set a reminder in your calendar to post at certain times throughout the week. Three to four posts a week will do more than you think. This allows your readers to expect your next post and even look for them.

  • Don’t be salesy. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Social media is a place to share and connect. If your content is only about what you can do and what you are selling, it will drive people away. Focus on things your followers are interested and be sure you are showcasing your personality, along with what you can do for them. This makes you seem more human.

  • Ask for help. If you are totally lost when it comes to social media, consider hiring a part time student to help you. Their knowledge of this area can save you valuable time. Also, consider using resources like Hearsay Social or Hootsuite to schedule your content delivery.

With the right plan in place, social media can be your key to a successful business.


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