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Collaboration Made Easy

When it comes to collaborating with team members, technology can be a fierce ally. Maximizing communication without duplicating effort can produce faster and more efficient results for your business. Check out some of the websites and apps that can get you and your team collaborating with ease.

Basecamp is the go to web-based platform for team communication. With Basecamp, you can create multiple projects, invite team members to join projects, create new discussions, upload files, create tasks and share calendars. Calendars have the ability to be merged with iCal, Outlook and Google Calendars for seamless integration. The interactive discussions give instant communication between team members and allows the reduction of circular emails. You can also modify your Basecamp email notifications to either see every post made in the discussion or receive updates once or twice a day. There is also an app for your iPad, iPhone or Android device that keeps you connected when you are not at your computer.


Consider this your online chatroom and instant messaging center. You can quickly interact with others via chat rooms that are conveniently organized by subject or team. The application for your phone means you will never miss an instant message and can quickly interact with other team members on the go.

Google Apps

When you need to have multiple people working on a single document, spreadsheet or presentation, using some of Google’s apps can facilitate this interaction with simplicity. You can create documents or upload them into a Google application, share them with the appropriate people and watch as people start to work within the document. I love this feature because I no longer receive multiple versions of the same document to read & edit. The changes are automatic and comments can be added right within the application. You can also work online or offline and save all files to Google Drive for future reference.

Skype –

When a traditional phone call just won’t do and you need to have some face time, Skype allows you to video conference with anyone even those who don’t use an Apple device. You also have the option to record calls with Skype for future reference using a variety of add-on applications. One of the reasons I like Skype is when I have to travel internationally. By obtaining a Skype phone number, I’m able to receive calls anywhere that connect with Wifi. You can receive text messages and forward your cell phone number to your Skype number, therefore reducing incoming calls when traveling outside of the US. Group Skype is also a nice feature, especially when multiple people need to be conferenced in. The price for this service is far less expensive than choosing to add international calling to you mobile plan.

There are many applications and web services that allow for seamless collaboration. Don’t continue to clog up your inbox with messages that can be handled within collaborative apps. Maximize your time and efficiency through smart collaboration.

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