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Breaking down the barriers standing between women and strong financial foundations

No matter what stage of life you’re in, whether it’s to ensure a happy retirement or just taking the first steps of your financial journey, there are vital questions that you must ask yourself. In just a few short minutes, you can better calibrate your goals and start handling your money with confidence.

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Fin(anci)ally Free!
11 Conversations to Have With Yourself About Life, Money & Your Worth

In her book, Ande Frazier cuts through years of misconceptions and prejudice with lessons learned through a long career. Fina(anci)lly Free! is a roadmap for the woman who refuses to be a passenger on her financial journey.

Ande Frazier | Behavioral Finance Expert

Inspiring a financial awakening among women

Ande Frazier is inspiring women to take control of their money by breaking down emotional, behavioral and societal barriers to strong financial foundations.


“Why do so many women see their lives and belief systems as separate from their relationship with money?”
Ande travels the country speaking to audiences about the unique relationship women have with money. She reveals why the greatest financial challenges women face have nothing to do with finances at all, and everything to do with their upbringing, social conditioning, and emotions they’ve attached to money. She then paves the way for a better path forward.
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